How I Hit the Slots

I know right away that there are those that are going to read the title of this work and right away go into their tirade about how I don’t know what I am talking about, how I am trying to con people, and how they are quite sure that there is no way to hit the slots. Do you know who those people are? I do. They are, just put, the scum. I am not saying that in a individual sense. I mean it factually. They are the leisure or usual gamblers. And you must think this; though they are persuaded that there is no way to hit the UK Slots Sites, they continue to play! Like I said losers.

I play because I know there is a way to stay in front of the online slots. Now that make much more intelligence, doesn’t it? And for those that quarrel that there is no way to come first, in a sense, they are right. There is no way for them to come first. They will continue on with their losing behaviour and method and go right on behind, and then tell me that I can’t win. Well I don’t use those same method and losing behaviours that would cause me to be in the middle of the losers. So I let them carry on and I laugh at them. I laugh because I don’t’ have to actually induce anyone of anything. I know what I know and those that decide to listen to me will also become winner. Those that do not pay attention, and those that mockery me and argue next to my methods and ideas, will continue to be scum. With that said, let me give you a little background…


My father was a gambler for as long as I can keep in mind. He was what I would call a usual gambler. He gamble on the whole thing; horses, cards, dice, sports, anything and everything. Of course, he also misplaced at everything. That is what a usual gambler does. I want to add here, if just to ease my sense of right and wrong, that he was a good man, just a bad gambler. rising up in that surroundings and with that contact to the gambling world, it was easy for me to see what made a behind gambler, although it wouldn’t be till much afterwards in life that I in fact took note of what I already knew. As luck would have it, our family moved to Las Vegas from upstate New York in 1973. (It is ironic that I use the word “luck” here.) Not a best place for my father to be living! Well, of course, I erudite a lot about all of the online slot games. My father was more than happy to show me how to play all of them, and he was good at them, so I erudite a lot. And I erudite how to lose. I also notice that most of the gamblers approximately me were also losing. It didn’t take me too long to understand that I was not going to do well in that town if I sustained to risk, so I determined in its place to go into the slot trade. I started out as a humble craps dealer and erudite to deal some of the other games the length of the way, blackjack and roulette.


It didn’t take me too long to move up in the position and turn out to be a boxman, floorman, pit boss, and finally helper shift manager. So, what I saw, for 10 years running, was that people gamble and lost money. I saw it every day. Of course by this time, I knew all about the house benefit, about all of the odds in all of the games, and I became an specialist in slot betting. It got to where I could mark a card oppose as soon as they walk in the place. I was good. What I did in a different way than most of my co-worker in the pit is that I not only watched, but I studied. I deliberate what makes a loser and what makes a victor. I have to say though that I saw very few winners. And I also notice that the winners were never as obvious as the losers. That in fact became a very attractive point. The winners were hardly ever around long sufficient for you to really become aware of them and they be quiet and on purpose. I have to say that in all of my time in the hole in the ground, I saw maybe ten of this rare type of gambler, the winner. They are tough to spot. Most people would not even notice them.

unnecessary to say, I underway custody cerebral notes of what I was seeing and underway to devise what would become my “gambling For Profit” method. I did not want to call it “a system” because systems just do not work. In my time in the slots, I almost certainly saw every system there is, in every game. There were the roulette players with the small note pads, scribble down numbers angrily after every roll, the card counters in blackjack, the dice-setters in craps. Do you know what we did when we saw a scheme player? We laugh! Slots love system players. Let me say this right now and get it over with. anybody that try to induce you that they have a charming system in any of the games is scamming you, or is simply delusional. I see, particularly on the internet, many “systems” to hit roulette, blackjack, craps, etc… They are all ineffective. Even card counting in blackjack is highly overvalued. I know, I have tried it and it is not only overvalued but a lot of work! And the compensation of card including are completely nullify by recurrent shuffle, which is exactly how we used to deal with them. Take it from one who truthfully knows from knowledge, and that has the information to make the call, “Systems do not work, era.” They are for the scum.


So how then, do I get off effective you that I hit the online slots? Well, keep in mind, I studied what makes a winner, as well as a loser. What I came to become aware of was that there were certain behavioral pattern odd to each of these groups. There were issue about discipline, control, and feeling. Casino players will know what I am talking about. At least the good casino players will. It wasn’t too long before I had to try out what I now knew with some genuine live play. In a substance of weeks, I was way ahead of the game. I mostly played blackjack but I infrequently wander over to the craps table. I even tried a few playful plays at roulette. I wanted to see if my methods would work there, and they did. In the years that follow, I begin to understand a stable income from slot gambling. Now mind you, I am not claim that I never had a behind day. If you risk, you have losing days. I noticed that there is one ad on the internet that claims a system that never has a losing day. Buyer bewares! not possible! I would never make that claim. What my means talented though, was to keep my losses at a minimum and my winnings at a utmost.

That is actually simplify, but in spirit it is precise. My running total at the end of every month was a optimistic one and show profit. That is what I mean when I say I hit the slots. I had erudite the secret. I could count on that profits every month from betting. I can’t make known too much here because of the piece of information that I now sell my “gambling For Profit” on the internet. It is a small e-book full of my secret, methods, and data to make every person who reads a winner. The slots do not want you to know this material! You see, the slots depend on, and take advantage of on the play of the leisure and usual gambler. I teach you how to not be one of those players. The gluttony and other negative human emotion concerned with that kind of play is what the slots depend on. That is what makes losers. The slots willingly ply you with free alcohol. I will make known here that stay away from alcohol while you are betting to win is one of my “Seven basic Rules Of Gambling” within my “Betting For Profit” e-book. all in the slot is designed for the slot to win your money. My means is intended for the player to win. I can’t make it any clearer than that.


One last word, and that word is “LUCK.” in spite of of what anybody says or thinks, luck will always play a part in betting. The player, and to some degree, the slot, will always be pretentious by luck. Luck is what cause me to have winning and behind days. It was luck that caused our shift on cemetery at the Pioneer Club to from time to time have a losing night. Of course, that was a infrequency but it happened. My method uses luck, both good and bad, to keep you a winner. I am not proverb that you should not be a skilful player. It is of vast significance to be a good, smart, cultured player, no substance what game you are live. Know the rules and have a good information of basic plan. And then expect that fortune is with you. It will be sometimes, and sometimes not. I teach you how to take advantage of on those winning streak and to be familiar with when luck is not with you. And I show you what to do in each case. If you go after my method, you will be a winner. For those of you that will quarrel these point, I say, “Go ahead.” You will stay scum with the scum state of mind. But of course, you will all carry on to play.

Yes, I hit the slots and still carry on to do so, when I play. I don’t play much any longer though. I find that it is much easier, and quieter, to sell my method in its place. I don’t much care for slots. I deduction I just spent too much time in them. as well, it is just as satisfying for me to hear all of the achievement stories from my very content reader. You can read some of their testimonials on my Website.

I know that with the arrival of on-line slots there are more persons betting now than ever before. My methods are totally flexible to the on-line slots. You just won’t have to contract with the noise and a gruff trader, but you also will not have the attractive concoction waitress bring you drinks (no alcohol!). There are both compensation and disadvantage to on-line play, as opposite to live play. But rest certain my methods are just as valid on-line. Use the same main beliefs and data in “gambling For Profit” and you will stay ahead. Good luck to all!

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